Soft Drinks Terrorizes Our Health

It turns out that being overweight is not only caused by food. There are other factors that can cause weight gain, but it is rarely realized. One of them is drinks high in sugar, such as soft drinks. Carbonated water, sweeteners, colorings and preservatives are ingredients that are generally contained in soft drinks. In fact, some types of soft drinks also contain caffeine and alcohol, although in small amounts. Therefore, the drink should be shunned by both adults and children. Many studies link the effect of consumption of soft drinks with health problems, such as stroke, kidney disorders, high blood pressure, obesity and cancer, especially if often consumed for a long time. On the other hand, studies that reveal that consumption of soft drinks are not related to health problems tend to be sponsored by soda drink producers. Various Health Problems Caused By Soft Drinks The following health problems can be caused by soft drinks and the facts, including: Increase the risk of stro
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